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My earliest memory is sitting with my mum ‘helping’ her to make a rug. I was born naturally creative, expressing this through many crafts. My career as an occupational therapist reinforced the importance of activity for well-being, this, combined with my natural love of making things has meant craft has always been central to my life. Since retiring I have had the opportunity to spend my time doing things I love and that has naturally led to an explosion of creativity!


I was previously a quilter so I am naturally drawn to texture, form and colour and love using these properties in my jewellery and gardening (my other addiction!) I like to use the inspiration of natural organic beauty to influence my work and I use colour in the form of glass and gemstones to enhance the beautiful qualities of silver.


I work with Precious Metal Clay (PMC). This Clay was invented by Mitsubishi in the 1990’s and consists of tiny pieces of silver which are combined with a binder and water to produce a workable clay.  When fired it results in pure silver which can be hallmarked. This combination of features allows for easy shaping and manipulation and the ability to create different shapes and organic forms that would not normally be achievable with traditional construction techniques.

I love to make unique and bespoke pieces, working closely with you to develop something special and personal.  Please do get in touch for a chat if you are interested in my work.


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